16-year-old girl declared missing after moving to Abuja to meet Facebook friend who promised to send her to Germany.

A 16-year-old girl identified as Chidinma Anita Chukwudum, has been declared missing after she left her home in Festac Town, Lagos to Abuja to meet someone she met on Facebook who promised to send her to Germany

According to reports, Anita’s mother Mrs. Uche Chukwudum, said her daughter was last seen on September 18. Her mother said Anita finished secondary school this year, wrote JAMB, and is about to gain admission into the Lagos State University LASU. She said her daughter secretly packed her bag from their family house on Sunday for Abuja.

Mrs. Chukwudum said it was later discovered that Anita had been chatting with a person on Facebook who promised to take her to Germany for greener pastures. She then decided to pack her bags and moved to Abuja where the person she had been chatting with on Facebook promised to arrange her travel documents for her to leave for Germany.

The distraught mum said Chidinma while leaving the house left a note saying she has gone and will work towards making her family proud.

Mrs. Chukwudum said Anita’s sister was able to gain access to her Facebook account and saw all her chats with the person in Abuja. She said the matter has been reported to the police. She said the security agents have been able to track the area where her daughter is but have been unable to locate the house she is being held. She says anyone with useful information as to locate her daughter should contact the nearest police station.

A Nigerian mum has cried out as her daughter has gone missing after traveling to meet a Facebook friend.

The girl travelled from Lagos after chatting with the stranger who made her a big promise. She left her family a written note.

Reacting to the story, someone said: “Kids of these days are to be guided and monitored. I am so sad for her family.”

The person promised to take her to Germany According to the family, chats on Chidinma’s Facebook account shows that the person she travelled to meet promised to take her to Germany.

Before her journey, Chidinma left a written note, saying she was going to work hard and make her family proud.

Matter reported to the Nigerian police The family has reported the incident to the police and has asked the public to help locate the missing teenager.


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