5 Nollywood movie that were acted based on true life story (photos)

5 Nollywood movie that were acted based on true life story (photos)

Not all Nollywood movie are work of fiction or been romantic all the timNollywood Actor,Chidi Mokeme devastated after losing two sisters at same timee, some of the movie are based on real people stories.

Here are 5 movies that are base on true life story:


The story of ’93 days’ is based on sacrifices made by men and woman who want to risked their lives to make sure that the ebola virus was stop in Nigeria.

The movie was dedicated to the late Ameyo Adadevoh, who play the important role in ensuring that the Ebola virus did not become an epidemic Nationwide.


The movie, Apaye which is one of the movies based on true life story, tells a story about Yepayeye, who struggles to overcome the many challenges of a single mother of six and eventually success in ensuring the uprightness and education of her kids.


The movie titled Oyenusi is one of the movies that were acted based on true life story.

This movie was acted by a famous Nigerian actor, Odunlade Adekola and it tell us about a notorious Nigerian criminal, Ishola Oyenusi who once terrorized a lot of people.

Oyenusi, started as a fake doctor who went to commit murder and also armed robbery. He was very powerful and spiritually fortified, he got arrested and jailed several times but keep escaping from jail.

This happened repeatedly in the year 1971 until when he got arrested and was sentenced to death, he was executed by a firing squad alongside with his gang members.

Trial of Igho:

The movie, Trials of Igho is one of the movies based on True life story.

This story tell about a person detained for killing a man who had been laid down with his better half and at a point when he was set free from jail , he found he had killed some wrong individual.

He then determined that this time he would go after the right person, even if it meant spending the rest of his life in prison. This movie is a tragic story that’s been perform out exactly as it happened in real life which is why the movie Never had a happy ending.


This movie is a true life story in the year 2000 it is known as the Bakassi lads a vigilantes gang that fought crime like armed robbery were known as Issakaba.

The story is base on a well known powerful magician who was accused of being a raise prophet who committed human sacrifices and have illegal weapon in his possession. The Bakassi kid, in the movie failed multiple times before finally apprehending the sorcerer.


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