Actress Lizzy Jay tenders apology over what she did to a fan

Nollywood actress and skitmaker, Adeyela Adebola popularly known as Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan has tendered an apology to a die-hard fan of hers who she treated unkindly.

The Yoruba actress revealed that she was at ICM on Sunday, July 31st when a staunch fan of hers offered to pay for her food and drinks, including that of her sisters.

However, she didn’t remember to appreciate him or her for the sweet gesture.

Giving excuses for her behavior, she stated that she wasn’t informed of his/her thoughtful act until he/she left.

“I was at ICM today, and someone paid for my food and drink, including my sister’s, at Rhapsody, if you are the one, I am sorry I didn’t get to say thank you cos I didn’t know you had cleared our bills until you left,… Thank you so much I really appreciate you, may God bless you and enrich your pocket, I and my sister are so grateful to you. If you can see this please kindly send a dm or drop a comment”.


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