Actress Wumi Toriola reveals secret behind Nollywood success

Actress, Wunmi Toriola, has said her originality has helped her career in Nollywood. She told Saturday Beats, “One of the principles that have helped me in the movie industry is being real and being original. I put my best in what I do. People know me for my originality and it has really helped me.”

On how she has been able to cope with stardom, the mother of one said, “I have not done beyond my means. I am from the school of thought that one has to climb a ladder to remain at the top. I don’t want to jump to the top; I want to climb the ladder so that I can have that stamina to remain at the top, and that is what I have been doing over the years. I give room for growth in all ramifications.”

Speaking on why she embarked on a trip to the United States of America, Toriola said, “USA has always been like a home for me because I am the only one based in Nigeria; all my family members live in the US. It has always been my second home. So, I don’t see it as a trip. Meeting my fans has been amazing. The love has always been amazing. Going to the US is like me going home to rest.”

The actress also urged her fans to anticipate the sequel of her movie, ‘Queen Lateefah’. She said, “My fans should expect the return of ‘Queen Lateefah’.’Queen Lateefah’ has come to stay. It is one of those projects I am passionate about. I don’t want to say much. I want my fans to be expectant.”


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