‘Any man who does not satisfy a woman s3xually should be locked up in a room for 3 months’ – Ernest Obi

Ernest Obi , a famous Nollywood actor, director, producer and entrepreneur has clearly expressed his perspective on what should be done to a man who doesn’t s3xually satisfy his wife or girlfriend.

Obi said this while reacting to the story of a woman who kidnapped her husband because he is allegedly a failure in bed and doesn’t take proper care of her.

Reacting to this, the actor who became popular when he featured in the movie, Glamour Girls wrote, “Her First Reason is The Most Cogent For Me. And If Its True. I Support Her. Any Man. Who does Not Satisfy Someones Daughter sexually should Be Locked Up In A Room For 3 Months. What Does My Wife @eviernestobi Call. It Again…HUSBANDLY DUTIES..I Sincerely Dont Know Where She Got Those Words From…But I Agree With It Wholeheartedly..But Jokes Apart. Though I Will Never Support Kidnapping For Any Reason, I Think Its Wrong In All Ramifications. To Deprive Your Spouse And Children, The Care They Deserve.

Sexual etc. I Pray She Finds Peace. Note

This Page Does Not Support Crime or Violence In Any Form.#mindsetiseverything.”

In an earlier interview, Ernest Obi had opened up on how he has been able to manage his home and career so well.

He said: “Well the truth is no marriage is perfect. You stay married because you want to be married. Once you stopped being happy in that marriage space then it all ended. So, you need to create that space for happiness. As much as I’m passionate about film, my family comes first in everything. If I feel that at a certain point this business of mine would shot down my family, then I would that’s the only reason that would make me stop filming. That’s the only thing in this world that would make me just shot down filming if I feel it will affect my family in anyway. So I always make out time for my family. What I do most times is if I’m away maybe for 2-3-4 weeks filming, the next thing my wife has to come wherever I am. With the kids if they are not in school. So it’s an important thing. Or I go back home. Without your family you are nothing. I’m not getting younger. I’m not ready to start building another family. She has been with me for about 20 years where will I start from again? It’s not possible.”


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