Arrested Cultist Leader Of The Aiye Confraternity Reveals What The Group Use Their Weapons For

A Leader of the New Black Movement of Africa a.k.a The Black Axe which is popularly known as the Aiye was paraded by the Police Department. The young man who identified himself as Pascal Okosun, a student of the Ambrose Alli University in Edo state during the Interrogation was questioned about the use of guns by the group.

As a number one in the cult, he alleged that the weapons in their possession are being used to initiate new members into the group. When being asked about the number of people he had killed? Pascal immediately shook his in denial that he has not killed anybody before.

The police made further questions about the guns in their hands and asked Pascal where the group could have gotten them from. The 22 years old man said that they got the guns from their predecessors and that it’s the rule of the group to pass them on to other people coming into the cult group.


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