BBN: Here’s What Happened Between Hermes And Allysn Last Night After The Party [Video]

Last night party was fun and Big Brother provided costumes for all housemates. Their costumes looks good in them and the male housemates were given a mask to cover their faces. Sheggz’s costume seems to be tight in him but he wore it and made a statement saying “He’s going to trend today”.

Last night’s party was fun and everyone enjoyed it till the fullest. Sheggz was seen on the television screen dancing with Bella, Groovy was dancing with Phyna and Hermes was seen dancing with Allysyn. After the party, a lot of scene happened in the house but we will be discussing only about Hermes and Allysyn.

Hermes likes Allysyn and last night, he decided to prove to her that he likes her. He passionately kissed Allysyn for some seconds. If you are interested in watching the video, kindly click here and please share your reactions and contributions.

Watch video below 👇


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