BBN: “We Need To Move Your Bed Close To Mine, I’ll Feel Better Waking Up Next To You” – Sheggz To Bella

Sheggz has suggested that Bella moved her bed close to his during a recent conversation the duo were having.

Sheggz and Bella have become close to each other since the commencement of the Big Brother Naija season 7 reality TV show. However, despite Sheggz’s obvious feelings of likeness towards Bella, she has continued to put up the tough girl attitude. Also, Bella has initially made it clear to Sheggz that she was never going to sleep on his bed.

However, it turns out that Sheggz has come up with an improvisation as he asked Bella to move her bed closer to his because he felt like he was going to sleep better and feel better waking up next to her

As Bella refused Sheggz suggestion, she asked him who was going to agree to move so that the both of them can have their beds next to each other. In response, Sheggz explained to Bella that it won’t be an issue and he’ll see to it if Bella agrees, but despite Sheggz assurance, Bella still refused to move her bed.


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