Being A Single Mother Is Expensive Shit, Pregnancy Can’t Tie Man Down- Yetunde Bakare Warns Women

Popular actress and entrepreneur, Yetunde Bakare has taken to her official social media handle to warn women not to become single mothers.

The single mother of one who’s talking from experience said being a single mother is expensive shit, adding that women shouldn’t try it.

She said ladies shouldn’t be deceived by sweet talks and motivations from men, adding that pregnancy can’t tie men down. She affirms that nothing can tie a man down except he wants to be with the woman.

In conclusion, she said nothing can keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept, adding that women should know this and know peace.

A fan said being a single mother is not easy at all, adding that she doesn’t wish that for her enemy because it’s draining.

A fan said some ladies will not listen until they give birth to all the children in their family.


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