Bolanle Ninalowo Issues Disclaimer Over Impersonator’s Threat To Release Nude Pictures

Nino B has once again issued a disclaimer and warned against identity theft, thereby telling his fans to beware.

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo aka Nino B or Makanaki raised an alarm over an alleged fraudster impersonating him and using his pictures to blackmail a lady with her naked pictures.

Recall that in 2019, Ninalowo cried out over an impersonator who uses doctored passport and First bank atm card to defraud customers.

Fast forward to today, Thursday July 28, the actor posted a video on Instagram, distancing himself from fake social media accounts and the said blackmailer.

According to Bolanle Ninalowo, a lady sent her naked pictures to one of the scammers impersonating him and the scammer has been threatening to release the photos if she does not pay him. In his words:

“I am not calling anybody stupid but I don’t understand how anybody will just go online talking to anybody that says they are Bolanle. There is a lady who has just been scammed and is been blackmailed. I guess she was talking to somebody who was using my pictures and she thought she was talking to me and she sent nude pictures to this guy and now he is blackmailing her asking for $30k or else he is going to put out the photos.”

“I don’t understand I have a family. I love my family, you have seen my wife, you have seen my kids and I do not joke and play with my family. Why would you be talking to somebody online who is married why would you set yourself up? Please stop chatting with scammers.”

Bolanle who recently trended on Twitter and his wife Bunmi have been together for 17 years and are blessed with two children Aliyah and Morakinyo.

See video below:


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