Celebrities and Fans Congratulate Femi Adebayo as he wins Mayor of Afrimek

Many friends and fans of Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo have congratulated him as he was elected as the Mayor of African men entertainment kings (Afrimek).

Femi Adebayo took to social media to announce the good news to his fans, he wrote:

All thanks to God Almighty for giving us this day.

I want to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for your immense support in ensuring I became the newly elected mayor of Afrimek.

This would not have come to reality without you – the members. You are indeed the solid rock on which I stand. Just as our saying “Awa ara wa làwá ” implies, I will like to stand by this saying and reinstate my strong commitment and firm devotion towards the progress and development of African Men Entertainment kings.

Furthermore, I will like to solicit more support to ensure the smooth running of this tenure. We are all in this together, so I implore you all to continue showering me with your support and in turn, I will not relent, I will work tirelessly to accomplish our goals.

It is indeed quite a journey worthy of embarking on together. As we start this new tenure, I charge you all to join me, let’s talk the talk together, walk the walk together and together let us make AFRIMEK greater than the greatest. @afrimektv

Thank you very much.


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