Charity begins at home, your people in Yoruba land are very hungry”- Fan accused Sotayo Gaga of giving charity to the Northerners

A fan has accused Nigerian actress and the Queen and the newly crowned Queen Mother of the Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa State of giving out charity to the Northerners while there are people in Yoruba land that are suffering.

Sotayo shares a video of herself as she visited the people of Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa State with loads of food

Sharing the video, she wrote:

Reposted from And then we were able to visit the people of Uke in Nasarawa ?

Reacting to this, a fan took to comment to accused her of being partial, the fans wrote:

congratulations to you my sister but your people in yoruba land are very hungry , rapdd kidnapped, broke and helpless … please extend your love to them ooó biko… charity begins at home.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sotayo Gaga replied and wrote:

@jonathanstephens876 Thanks but, u for say na church e dey begin. This is how you people create problems. Im not a stagnant person/ giver neither is my foundation limited nor zoned to a particular area. Who said to you that its only here ive visited? How and who have you helped? You are not left out in trying to extend your love to your people aswell because charity begins at HOME! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

False Accusation?

To prove that Sotayo Ogaga didn’t limit her charity to the Northerners alone, Timeofgist confirms that, her colleague, Joke Jigan took to social media 3 weeks ago to reveal that Sotayo distributes bread to the needy in Lagos through their annual Max Bakery bread distribution.

See the screenshot of their private conversation below:


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