“Come to our church and get husbands” Man wed 3 virgin girls the same day (video)

A Christian congregation called the Primitive Church has wedded a man and his three ladies at the same time. The church preahes polygamy and strongly believes that men should be able to marry as many wives as they want.

Nothing wrong with polygamy In viral video shared on YouTube by Afrimax English, the church was seen wedding a man known as Byamungu Kanjira Prosper with the three ladies he brought to the altar. The church is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Prosper, the chief celebrant of the day said it is not a must for a man to stick only to one wife, saying he can take more.

Come to our church and get husbands Prosper contends that the number of women in the world is much higher than those of men, saying it could get to a point where 7 women will marry one man. He said if ladies should come to their church, they will get husbands. His wives are very happy as they say they are proud to be Prosper’s wives.

Watch the video below;


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