Congratulations As Pete Edochie and his wife Celebrates their 53rd wedding anniversary Anniversary Today

May celebrates father-in-law
“Pls fam joined me to celebrate the great @peteedochie and his adorable wife. We are grateful to the Almighty for the gift of life. 53 years and counting! May God continue to strengthen you both and give you peace”.

As a result of the tension between her and her husband, May Edochie didn’t refer to the couple as her in-laws, leaving many displeased.

The beauty influencer referred to Pete Edochie as ‘the great’, which many found disrespectful.

Expressing their disappointment, many averred that May Edochie should have acknowledged them as her in-laws for old-time sake.

One Jessy Love wrote, “You could have added my parents, daddy or sir coming from a family member! That great @peteedochie sounded awful and disrespect, still what do I know

Another Blessed Glory, “You could’ve add father-in-law or daddy/mummy

One Euphrosa wrote, “She’s tactful not to call them father-in-law and mother-in-law. Great Pete Edochie and his wife. Prodigal son will stain everybody’s white

“I like how you used the great and his wife instead of my inlaws to show that you’re not desperate keep shining you’re one in a trillions” One Moonhope Virgo wrote.

Pete Edochie bans Judy Austin from his House
Recall that Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie stood by May Yul Edochie during the controversy trailing his son, Yul Edochie’s new marriage and the birth of his son.

Pete Edochie was reportedly disappointed that his son, Yul had a child with someone else after having four children from the legitimate wife of over 16 years, May.

The Veteran Pete Edochie gave Judy Austin an ultimatum and banished her from entering his household.

He said: “I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never support my son’s actions and as a statesman, I only recognize his first wife, May as the only authenticated wife of my son, the rest is banished from entering my household” noting that marrying two wives does not confer a manly status on anyone”


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