“Doctors advised me to take things easy…” Empress Njamah breaks silence, releases a statement over Ada Ameh’s death

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah is yet to recover from the untimely death of her best friend and colleague, Ada Ameh.

The Abuja-based actress, who has been keeping a low profile following her demise, took to Instagram hours ago to release a statement.

Empress Njamah apologised to those whose calls and messages hadn’t been responded to.

According to her, she has been down in health, but she is out of danger now.

Empress Njamah appreciated her colleagues and friends who attended her mini candlelight procession for Ameh and also checked up on her.

She wrote,

“Hello, fam? Sorry, I have not been able to receive calls and reply to messages since we all heard the sad news, I was down in health, but am out of danger now, and am taking it easy (advised by the doctors) thanks for attending my mini candle light, checking on me, we lost an amazing soul but her memories will forever remain in our hearts keep resting my sweet trouble Ada Ameh.

Thank you all. Thank you all. Thank you all. I will respond to messages when am stronger, thanks to everyone).


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