Having more babies is your reward for standing by me, Bimbo Afolayan tells husband

Actress Bimbo Afolayan has penned down a lovely message to her husband filmmaker Okiki Afolayan, saying that having more babies for him, is his reward for loving and standing by her.

Bimbo, who recently welcomed her second child together with Okiki said this in an Instagram post on Thursday where she posted a video chronicling her pregnancy journey.

According to the Yoruba actress, Okiki never spent time away from her despite the nature of his work and adored her in spite of her mood swings.

In a lengthy post, she wrote: “Abefemi, I want more babies I want 4more of your babies you made this pregnancy beautiful, now I am craving for more We had lots of beautiful memories &the bond we shared and still sharing is the highlight of it all!
I said last month that when she comes I will sing praises of you on every platform I know,I will post our 9months journey here for the whole world to see buh now that she is here, I am so selfish! I want those memories for myself alone. Okikimi my own husband, my God-ordained man!

“When we got married I knew GOD loved me for giving me such an amazing man, & I was certain that GOD loves me more and I have a special place with him when the whole pregnancies shenanigans started happening over 4yrs which is a story for another day, people talked,buh you assured me it will be well, you stayed with me, loved me, cared for me.

Throughout vees pregnancy, we never spent a night away from each other despite the nature of your work & people close to us can attest to the fact that you adored me despite my big nose,my mood swings, my black, and pigmented face,my silly nags that makes me smile and when you say Agbeke wa wa okay!

“Hormones noni abi? Ha okomi I don’t know how what to say buh if I start to talk hmmmmmmm!!!! The only way to pay you back ehn just be impregnating me and let me keep having babies abeg.”


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