Hilarious Reaction as Hafiz Oyetoro and his Look-alike daughter argue over who is taller (video)

The popular actor, Afeez Oyetoro also known as Saka has caused lot of reactions online after he shared pictures of himself and her daughter.

The actor took to his official Instagram page to share the pictures. While sharing the pictures on his Instagram page, he said his daughter claims she is now a big girl and also claims that she is taller than him.

He shared the pictures and told fans to judge by themselves whether she is taller than him or not. Many of his fans, colleagues and friends have gone to his official Instagram page to share their own opinion about the matter. Some said she is really a big girl that she is taller than the actor, while others said he should remove the cap so that they can know who is taller truly.

See some people’s reactions on Instagram below;


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