“How Did it Happen?” Ladies Who Are Twins Get Pregnant At Same Time, Show Off Big Baby Bumps in Viral Video

Twin sisters who are both pregnant got people shouting after a video of their pregnancy emerged online.

People started asking them if they are pregnant for the same man, and they responded in a video.

After watching the video, someone asked: “Did they sit to plan this or what? I’m confused.”

An interesting video of pregnant twin sisters has gone viral and elicited reactions from numerous TikTok users In the nice clip, the twins showed off their amazing baby bumps, wearing matching outfits as they danced beautifully TikTokers are reacting to the video, with many of them showering the twins with a lot of admiration and love.

An interesting video of twin sisters who are both pregnant has stirred social media reactions. The cute video was posted on TikTok by @naenaetwinsofficial and it has been shared multiple times and viewed a whopping 6.8 million times.

But various reactions has trailed the video as numerous TikTokers are asking if they got pregnant for the same man. Others are asking how it all happened, saying they are confused as to how they all got pregnant at the same time. But many saw nothing but beauty, so the showered them with admiration in the comment section. One has a husband while one has a baby daddy Answering some of the questions, the twins said that one of them will give birth first and that both of them are expecting baby boys.


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