How Motivational Speaker Led Me and My Husband into N22 Million Debt – Real Warri Pikin

Anita Asuoha popularly known in the industry and by many as Real Warri Pikin is shedding more light on her suicide attempt in 2018. The actress and comedian tried to take her life in June of 2018 after months and months of drowning in a N22 million debt that she could not pay. The question she is answering now is, how on earth did she even dig herself so badly into owing N22 million? The answer: motivational speaker.

Here is what Real Warri Pikin explained about how motivational speaker led her and her husband into N22 million debt.

Explaining how she entered into a N22 million debt on #WithChude, Real Warri Pikin explained saying:

You know the way wey you go just dey, motivational speaker go just motivate you say “you can’t be in one place. Get up and move! I started my police station with just one thief. I started my poultry with just one foul feather”. So they come motivate me and my husband, we come look am say that our 2 motor and our 2 bedroom for Lugbe too small, make we move. We come jump like monkey, come forget say life na jete by jete. Na who first buy motor buy old model, we forget. We just jumped like “what other business can we do?” We come dey chook hand for different things, we come hook. We come owe debt reach N22 million. Yes na, na 22 million naira debt wey we owe na. Na 12 point something million before, e grow. E get some microfinance back wey go tell you say we know wan know, e dey grow. Interest. Na so it take reach N22 million. And that time, I dey do one osusu wey I dey pack, every January na me dey pack am. So as I pack that January, I come no fit dey pay back because we use everything take chook am for different investment platforms. E no get the one wey we no do just to say ok let’s see how we can grow. Na so we take hook. We sell motor, sell things, we no fit even pay rent sef. We no fit pay children’s school fees, them pursue my children for school. We no fit see food chop cuz my husband salary dey come, e dey go the people wey we dey owe. My own salary na N52,000 that time for NYSC. I was level 9 staff. As it come, e go. So none of our salary dey come the house, na to hustle. So na wetin happen. If you look me that time, you can never believe say this girl go fit come out. N22 million debt!

Na Wa! These motivational speakers, it can really honestly be like that. They will start making person that has a nice comfortable life feel like they’re not doing enough and make people go beyond their means to “achieve more”. I’m very happy Real Warri Pikin is talking about this and I truly hope it teaches people, as it has taught me, a valuable lesson about contentment and taking life step by step. We’re all so happy that Real Warri Pikin is out of the mess now. N22 million, can you even imagine owing that much money?!


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