How our love affair started from Abeokuta – Toyin Abraham tells her love story with Kola Ajeyemi

One of Nollywoods favourite couples, Toyin Abraham and her boo, Kola Ajeyemi are gradually becoming an item in the entertainment industry.

The couple recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Ire and also jetted out of the country to have another version of their honeymoon..

Well, it is obvious Toyin  can’t get over her over for the father of her baby.
In a recent interview with Pulse TV, smitten Toyin Abraham opens up on their love story.

According to her, “I am in love. Anytime I talk about him, I am always blushing. We have been together in the industry for a very long time. He is my senior colleague. We started something in 2017. Then I was not even serious. That why I always tell people, never say never. When my sweet last marriage crumbled, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to have anything with any actor. But as God may have it, two years later. 
But it has always been my dream to marry an actor. I had told God that I want to marry wherever I am working.

Because I am this kind of person that play a lot. I am a very playful person and sometimes, some people don’t really understand me. So, I want to get married to a man who’s in same field with me, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself to my husband all the time.

We have been friends for over 10 years. You know all this kind of quiet guys.

I am always looking at him like, he is too quiet, he is calm. There is this my friend, who happens to be his family friend, so whenever he comes to see him, I do ask him why he is so reserved. He would just accept you for who you are. He is that kind of guy.

The kind of guy that accepts everyone, won’t try to change you or make you feel less who you are. “

She continued, “Then whenever I am at Abeokuta, I used to call him or one other guy, my colleague too. I ask either of them to get me an apartment or hotel where I would stay because most times. I don’t stay where the crew are. So, our love started from there. It is just a mutual thing.”


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