“I Didn’t Defraud Anyone” Oga Bello’s Son Tope Adebayo Clears Air on N2m Fraud Drama

Top Nollywood actor Tope Adebayo Salami has shared his side of the story amid allegations of defrauding an individual of over N2 million. Taking to his official Instagram page, the actor categorically stated that he has never defrauded anyone, particularly the individual calling him out.

Adebayo explained that the man who called him out is a business partner and they both had plans of shooting a movie series back in 2019.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic disrupted their plans and they couldn’t move forward with their plans even after committing funds to the project.

In 2020, due to COVID pandemic we could not shoot the movie as planned, meanwhile chunk of the money has been disbursed to scriptwriters,some artists and crews. And I kept him informed as it goes by,” his post read in part.

Adebayo added that the individual came to borrow from the money for the project on two different occasions, and this eventually affected what they had planned initially.

According to the actor, he took the initiative to restrategize on how to spend the remaining cash, and they agreed to reduce what they wanted to shoot. Adebayo said he contacted their crew again but they couldn’t proceed with the project. By this time, he said his business partner was no longer interested in moving forward.

Adabayo said he explained that would have to pitch the project to someone else as he couldn’t demand a refund from those who had been paid.

Read his full statement below;


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