“I Didn’t Mean To Campaign For APC, They Told Me I was Going to a Show” – Portable Says

There’s no doubt that the “Zazu Zeh” crooner Portable has been one of the most trending personalities on social media these past few days, mostly for his performance for The All Progressives Congress political party at the 2022 Osun state gubernatorial elections.

The artist recently made headlines when he said he formed “one million boys” a title quite similar to that of a popular group in Lagos.

His statement has drawn a lot of attention from the public and even the authorities who reportedly released a statement revealing that they were investigating the singer’s claim.

In a new update shared by Portable online, he revealed he was talking about his one million flowers when he made the phrase “one million boys”. The singer also revealed that he never meant to campaign for The All Progressives Congress political party he was told that he was going to a show.

He agreed to perform for the party since it involves money and he was getting paid for the job anyway.


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