“I for break your phone” Actress Nkechi Blessing slams a fan for recording her in hotel (video)

Ace actress, Nkechi Blessing, got people talking when she criticised a fan who invaded her privacy when they met at a hotel reception. Nkechi noted that she was at the hotel reception trying to drop off her keys and check out before the fan saw her and brought out a phone to make a video of her.

She wondered the motive behind the fan making the video and who they intended to send it to as she noted that she was even alone.

The actress slammed the fan for the rude act, saying:

Even if I was not alone, I was with a man is it any business of yours? e get how e take affect your full generation? You get luck say I no break that phone and I dey in a very good mood this afternoon if not I go smatch that phone ontop your head.”

Nkechi finally corrected the fan on how he or she should have managed the situation and declared that people no longer mind their businesses in Lagos.

Watch the video below:


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