I have not been able to eat for days – Comedienne Lizzy Jay cries out for help over spiritual crisis

Popular skit maker and actress Adeyela Adebola, popular called Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan, has cried for help over a spiritual issue she claims to have with eating.

The entertainer took to her social media handle to lament over her inability to eat, saying that normally, she eats a lot and is only unable to eat if there is a spiritual issue.

According to Lizzy Jay, even if she is in the middle of a tribulation, she will eat, and there is nothing that can prevent her from eating.

However she said that for the past ten days she has been unable to eat, as she lacks appetite to eat any food.

She therefore pleaded with anyone who she might have offended that has done something spiritual to stop from eating to please forgive her and release her from the bondage she has found her.

“Please pray for me 🙏🙏…I can’t eat 😫 😩” she captioned the post.

News recalls that Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan, stated that though people say money cannot buy love, money can buy her own love.

Lizzy Jay also noted that she is gold digger who wants to be taken care of by the one she loves.

According to her:”To whom it may concern, money can buy my love.I have my own money but I am a gold digger.I want to invest my own money and spend yours baby”.


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