“I haven’t been in my right frame of mind” Actress Sotayo Gaga grieves, marks birthday with pains

Birthdays are supposed to lighten and brighten one’s day, unfortunately, this can’t be said of actress, Sotayo Gaga who is currently in pains.

The actress, who turns a new age today, December 28th revealed that she isn’t in her right frame of mind.

Despite it being her birthday, Sotayo Gaga is still grieving the loss of her friend, Peteru, who died days back.

Offering a prayer to God, she prayed for the pains in her system to ease.

“I have honestly not been in my right frame of mind in the last few weeks! May God ease the pains in my system. Rest in peace my friend Peteru.

reported days back that fast rising Nigerian comedian Tobi Owomoyela a.k.a Peteru is dead.

Peteru who is a household name in comedy circles due to his unique delivery in mimicking people, among other talent was said to have breathed his last on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

As at time of filing this report, the cause of his death was yet to be ascertained.

However, some of his colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry had taken to Instagram to mourn his painful demise.

Lepacious Bose reacts to death of Comedian Peteru
One of which was, Nigerian comedienne and actress, Bose Ogunboye, popularly known as Lepacious Bose.

Mourning his demise, Lepacious Bose took to her Instagram page to express how she felt over the painful demise.

She wrote: Another one????I All these deaths leave me weak….

No naaaaa!!!!

I am tired! drained!!! Weak!!!

Just too many bad news back to back it’s cr**y and crumbling!

Father Lord can we just have a break from all this pain and sadness this season?

I seem to be crying more than am laughing….

Am really tired 💔💔💔💔💔

I just want to sleep for a very long time and hopefully everything will be back to normal when I wake up 💔💔💔

Like a candle in the wind…..”.

Peteru who was based in Ibadan is one of the fastest rising comedians who had made a name in the South- West of Nigeria, having worked with the foremost entertainers in the industry.


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