Identical Twin Brothers in Love Impregnate the Same Lady, She Doesn’t Know Which of Them is Responsible

A pregnant lady in a throuple with two identical brothers has opened up that she doesn’t know which of them is responsible for her pregnancy.

Though not married yet, the identical brothers have declared the lady their wife.

They had exchanged contacts at a church function.

Twin brothers Teddy and Peter are involved romantically with a woman identified as Emily whom they claim to be their wife.

The odd relationship has led to Emily getting pregnant and she revealed she doesn’t know who among the twins is responsible Emily, Teddy and Peter revealed they met at a church function and started off the relationship after exchanging contacts.

A set of identical twins has caused a buzz on the internet after they disclosed they are married to one lady and are expecting a child soon.

Share same bed The ‘throuple’, clad in Akorino headgear and matching checked shirts left many with their mouths wide agape after they revealed they share the same bed.

In a Youtube video posted by content creator Nicholas Kioko, the twins and their wife said they are in a serious relationship.

Twins Teddy and Peter claimed they are not officially married to Emily although they live under the same roof and are soon-to-be fathers. “We are family, this is our wife, me and bro we are twins. We share the same wife because we are twins,” said Teddy.

He added: “We live together, we share the same bed. Sisi ni watu na bibi yao. We are twins.

Kuna hii kitu twins hukuwa nayo, twin mmoja akipenda pia huyo mwingine anapenda.” On her part Emily said: “Wote wawili ni mabwana zangu.

Nawapenda wote wawili,” We met at a church function The light skin beauty stated they met at a church service and exchanged contacts with Peter who had no phone and was using his brother’s.

When asked who was responsible for her pregnancy she said.

Mimba sijui ni ya nani. Tunashare the same bed, kila kitu ni kimoja sasa siwezi jua kama ni ya huyu ama huyu.”

Peter said after she broke the news of her pregnancy to them they accepted responsibility because they are in a serious relationship.

“Tuko serious na yeye na tuko na future na yeye,” he said. Triplet sisters in love with the same man Meanwhile, News previously reported about three identical sisters who are in love with the same man. Speaking exclusively to a trusted Kenyan media outlet Tuko, they said they are very happy with dating the same man because he gives them the same amount of love and attention. One of the ladies, Mary, disclosed that it was Cate who spotted the love of their lives first and when she shared the news with the rest, they also confessed to admiring the guy.


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