I’m Not Moved By Video Of Tinubu Riding A Bike, He Should Release His Health Record Instead – Oseni Rufai

Oseni Rufai reacted to the video of the APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu riding a spinning bike saying that he’s heathy and also ready to serve Nigeria. Rufai said that he is not moved by that and can never be moved by such a video. He said that if Tinubu wants to prove to Nigerians that he is healthy, then he should release his health record for Nigerians to see.

Rufai said that any candidate coming out to make any video showing some fitness is nothing to him, such videos don’t move him and can never move him. He said that anyone can ride a spinning bike including a very old person.

So what is Tinubu trying to prove to us, he should release his health record if he thinks that he’s very healthy and strong, but stop all these showcasing that doesn’t prove anything to us.

He also said that Nigeria needs a very healthy leader not someone who the country will be spending her money to treat in the hospital. A healthy man should rest, if he thinks he’s very healthy, then he should release his health record to the public Rufai said.


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