Is it make up or mad up – Reactions as actress Mosunmola Filani cries out over the exorbitant price charged by makeover artists

Nollywood actress, Mosunmola Filani has cried out over the high cost of employing the services of makeover artists for events.

Mosunmola Filani who once shaded some of her colleagues who engage in antisocial behaviour, took to IG to lament and rant as she questions the idea behind makeovers.

Lamenting, the actress began by asking who started the idea of making up before going to a function. According to her despite not liking the whole idea, she is often forced to employ the services of make up artists because if you don’t, you will be seen as an outcast or a sick person.

Ranting further, Mosun said the rising cost of make over services is appalling as it affects women’s monthly salary.

The Yoruba actress ended the video by declaring that it will be better for women to apply powder and go for parties as the most important thing is to attend the event and not the make over.

Her post stirred up reactions as many commenters agreed with her.

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Lol,actually very accurate….
People don’t even have confidence when not wearing makeup at a function sadly😢

My sister! Ko ma kanmi, I’ll do what I can do on my face or go like that 😂😂😂 I can even use Moju or dusting powder😂😂😂😂 sebi is my face now? 😂😂

Funny thing is, most ladies look better without make up! But they won’t listen, they prefer to use foundation that can build 2 government schools on their face

Buy the products n make up yourself

Some ladies don’t like wearing make up anymore. They feel so pretty without it..


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