“Jesus is not a white man, that guy is an actor” Singer Timi Dakolo cautions Nigerians

Popular Afrosoul singer Timi Dakolo has said in a post shared on his social media platforms that the widespread photos of the man usually framed and hung on the wall by many Christians and called Jesus Christ is not the who they ascribed him to be but a mere actor.

Dakolo also noted that Nigerians should stop looking at the photos of the man they hang on their walls as Jesus Christ while praying because he cannot save them from their challenges.

He also noted that Jesus Christ is not a white man. He further cautioned Nigerian Christians to stop saying Jesus Christ lives in their house just because they have the prevalent photos of the actor ascribed to be that of Jesus hung on the wall of their homes

Sharing the post he wrote;

Jesus Christ is not that white man you framed and hung on the wall. That guy is an Actor, he can’t save you.”

He further captioned the statement with this comment below in another post on Instagram:

“I come in peace. Stop looking at that picture and be saying, Jesus is in this house. NA actor be Dey house..”

See the post below;


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