Just Like Comedian Carterefe sing for Wizkid Fc Machala, The Cute Abiola also Sing for Protable Fc (Very Funny To Watch)

Following skit creator Carter Efe’s Machala song about his favorite Afrobeats star, Wizkid, there has been some anger on Nigerian social media.

In reaction to the contentious song by Carter Efe that has been dominating the country’s charts, fans of Wizkid’s colleague, Davido, who dubbed themselves as the “30BG gang,” have subsequently imitated them.

As many have been made to believe that there is a superiority tussle between Wizkid and Davido, their fans have remained focused on making sure their favourite artistes win in all their engagements.

Though Carter’s Machala song may have been a plain track for Nigerians to vibe with, it has now turned into a competition between fans of popular singers, including that of fast rising singer, Portable, who identified themselves as Portable FC.

Listen To The Song By 30BG Gang (Video)

Storming the studio in this regard, popular skit maker, Cute Abiola engineered a song about Portable: a move that stirred the Zazuu crooner’s reaction.

Portable FC’s Song By Cute Abiola (Video)


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