Kidnappers are coming after us because of the fake life we flaunt on social media, let be real- Yemi Solade tells colleagues

Nigerian actor Yemi Solade has cried out over the fake life his colleagues are flaunting on social media which is one of the reasons why kidnappers are coming after them.

Recently Two Nollywood actors, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornell are being kidnapped.

Their abductor demand a sum $100,000 dollars.

Reacting to this, Yemi Solade says that the reason why the kidnappers are coming after the Nollywood actors is because of the fake life they flaunt on social media.

In his word, he said:

I have to do this just for the case of Nollywood

Actors have been kidnap and are getting so alarming. I know why the table has turned on actors in Nigeria, is because of the social media hype.

The best we can do for ourselves to live real, is stop flaunting materialism, can we just be true to ourselves and for once live real?

Watch the video below:


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