“Love Lives Here” – Mercy Johnson Okojie Reacts To Lateef Adedimeji And Mo Bimpe ‘s Romantic Photos

Love is such a beautiful thing. Those who have genuinely experienced it will tell you that there is no greater feeling.

These days, people insist that it is d ead as women now prefer money while the men have been accused of placing their ‘third legs’ above love.

There are very few Nollywood celebs enjoying genuine love and happiness. Lateef Adedimeji and his beautiful wife, Mo Bimpe, are understood to be among those experiencing ‘love nwantinti’.

When a couple are really into each other, every one can see it. It can’t be hidden for long. It must come out one way or the other.

Mercy Johnson Okojie identified this in her colleagues Lateef and his spouse after the actor had shared some romantic photos on his Instagram page.

The mother of four hit the comment section of the post. She wrote: “Samanja open eye jor😂 Love lives here”.

When Mo Bimpe saw the comment, she replied: “Okomi😍😍😍”.


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