Man Who Was Chased Out of School Because of His Yoruba Proverbs Finds Help, Nigerians Sponsor Kid’s Education

The daughter of Oriogbade, the Nigerian man who has been finding it hard to survive, was enrolled in school Oriogbade became an internet sensation when a video of his Yoruba proverb prowess got people’s attention.

Many Nigerians were glad that the kid who has been at home due to lack of money is now in a private school.
Remember the story of Oriogbade, the Nigerian man rich in Yoruba proverbs who was interviewed by a brilliant videographer, Ayo Adams? The man’s life is now better. In an earlier report, the man spoke about how his child could not attend school because there was no money. He told the kid that their life will not be in poverty forever.

Oriogbade’s daughter returned to school Fortune has not only smiled on Oriogbade, but on his kid too. In a post shared by Ayo Adams on Monday, September 19, he revealed the kid has been enrolled in a private school.

Nigerians are kind.

Remember the man, Oriogbade, who said he was chased out of school because of his Yoruba proverbs. People have sponsored his child’s education.

The kid who has been at home because Oriogbade was poor became a student of a private school.


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