Meet Oyewusi Oluyinka: EX Winners Chapel Pastor Who Quit Christianity After 16yrs To Be A Herbalist

The viral 40-year-old ex-Winners Chapel pastor who dumped Christianity after 16 years to become a herbalist has shared fresh revelations on the matter.

He also opened up that his wife who is a Christian has denied him sexual intercourse since he took that decision.

Oyewusi Oluyinka: Untold Stories of Ex-winners Pastor Who Quit Christianity after 16 Years to Be a Herbalist .

The Nigerian internet space was set ablaze with an explosive Facebook write-up from a man identified as Oyewusi Oluyinka Abayomi who openly announced his resignation as a pastor in Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel. What intrigued netizens more was that he openly expressed his decision to dump Christianity after 16 years to be a herbalist.

Oluyinka’s entry into the Christiandom Oluyinka joined Winners Chapel in 2005, but that wasn’t the Genesis of his Christian journey.

Born to a humble family of 7, the young man said he grew up with his Anglican maternal grandparents where he made the switch to pentecostal in 1996.
He said the move was resisted by his maternal grandfather who was an Anglican Church chief and also the Jagun-Osin of the town, but it saw the light of the day thanks to his late mother.
From that time, he became a serious worker and preacher of the gospel of Christ. On his Christian journey, he continued:

“My evangelistic exploits continued when I was sent from Iwo Zonal Headquarters to pastor Living Faith Church Ife-Odan in 2011 – my final year at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. “National Youth Service Corps sent me to Oke-Agbe Akoko, Ondo State in 2012. Unable to locate Living Faith Church, I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in the town and l later headed Signs and Wonders Parish.” He would later return to Winners where he would go on to serve as a pastor for years. But now, the 40-year-old told NGG news that he has understood his purpose on earth.

“I am a priest of Osun goddess. My purpose on earth is to help humans navigate through stormy waters using the powers of the gods, goddesses and Eledumare.” How ‘church politics’ made Oluyinka question the concept of Christianity tenet called salvation The writer recalled a particular incident that happened inWinners Chael that made him question the concept of salvation. “Something happened in that church which made me start doubting the whole concept of salvation – it’s church politics.

“Pastor Umoru Isaac was in charge of the church branch when I arrived there. Such a man with a very large heart, a Nigerian Police Officer – a sharp departure from the breed of officers that walk the corridors of Nigerian Police installations – housed me during the service year.

“The man was transferred to a new church he built from scratch ostensibly for trying to be more Catholic than the Pope. That’s what I gathered from church members, not from Pastor Isaac.

They transferred me too against my wish because I was not a full-time or paid pastor that should become the chaff in the presence of church bureaucratic winds.

“I had thought that replacing me with another pastor should be okay – the mantle of acting pastor just fell on me out of the winds.” Oluyinka said he soon began experiencing spiritual attacks. “I left Oke-Agbe when my business came under what looked like spiritual attacks – my printers, generator, and computer systems were developing faults almost two hours after their repairers had left my office. In another incident, a swarm of bees that came from nowhere singled me out in a populated street and I was stung all over my body.”

“In the future, a comprehensive book on Eerindinlogun Divination will be released by me to help well-educated people with this calling that tend to find it difficult to learn from illiterate masters.” Oluyinka says he has no regrets about dumping Christianity The herbalist furthered that he has no regrets about dumping Christianity to follow his true life calling.

According to him, doubts or regrets would arise when one’s decision wasn’t carefully thought through, but that wasn’t the case for him. He said: “It’s when a decision is not properly examined that regrets can be a possibility. Especially when such decisions are not viewed from the prism of the supernatural.

He also shared how tasking and demanding the training process for a herbalist can be. “During my training, I would convey passengers with my bike in the morning – rush hours – and at night. That was when I learned everything needed to become a monster – from avoiding police checkpoints to knowing every dark spots in town where criminals converge. “I’ve never heard of anyone else that completed this kind of training within nine months and became an independent practitioner. “Even if such a person becomes a practitioner after nine months of training, won’t he need clients to solve problems for so that he can live on proceeds from the works done? I crossed this bridge easily because friends that knew what informed my decision were already asking me for help during my training and I solved them. Those friends took the goodnews to others.”

He added that his wife who is a Christian s not in support of his switch and has since denied him intercourse. “Also, my wife is still stuck in Christianity and is no longer willing to have intercourse with a hell-bound pilgrim that she thinks I have become. Se*x life disappeared. I’m not ready to convince her; there are many fishes in the world’s ocean currents,” he remarked.

Oyewusi Oluyinka: Untold Stories of Ex-winners Pastor Who Quit Christianity after 16 Years to Be a Herbalist


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