Must you fight every time, make a very good use of Allah’s favour in your life -Islamic cleric Akeugbagold advises Lizzy Anjorin

Islamic cleric Sheikh Taofeeq Akeugbagold has advise Lizzy Anjorin to stop fighting on social media and appreciate God’s favour in her life.

Sheikh Taofeeq Akeugbagold stated this in one of his social media videos, he said:

Alhaja Lizzy Anjorin, God has blessed you, but you didn’t you know, make very good use of Allah’s favour in your life, never you send away Allah’s favour.

Must you fight every time, even though you are right, let God fight for you, and must the public know the secret of your life.

You have made a lot of enemies, with that you suppose to know you have to be careful.

Is not a fight that gives you fame, the business you are doing is the one that gives you fame, even your acting career didn’t give you fame like your business.

Watch the full video below:


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