My friend and I: Actress Tawa Ajesefini accused Yewande Adekoya of being a husband snatcher

In a new clip of My friend and I, Nigerian actress Tawa Ajesefini has accused her friend and colleague, Yewande Adekoya of snatching her cousin’s husband.

In the past few months, Tawa Ajesefini and Yewande Adekoya have been entertaining their fans with interesting realistic characters of different accusations.

In a new video, Tawa Ajesefini angrily calls out Yewande Adekoya for snatching her cousin’s husband, like the way she wants to snatch her America based husband.

Shairng the video, she wrote:

I am really 😡 at d moment🥲🥲T is a prstitte ….I am calling you out …the battle line has just bn drawn @yewandeadekoyaabiodun

Reacting to this joking allegation, Yewande Adekoya shares a video with the caption:

MY REPLY TO BEE’S CALL OUT @tawaajisefinni you asked for this and I am giving it to you wotowoto, don’t try such a thing with me next time. You know I don’t play🙄

Watch the interesting videos below:



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