Nigerian Mum who trained her kids up to University as a bus driver receives big award

After going massively viral on the internet, Mrs Onokpite Agbaduta, a commercial bus driver, has been awarded by the Alice Ajisafe Foundation. The 59-year-old female driver, who plies interstate routes, inspired many social media users with her story of bravery.

Her story is exemplary According to her, she became a driver after her husband passed on in 1991.

A mother of three, Mrs Onokpite has been able to train her children up to the university level from the proceeds of her work.

In a video she shared on Facebook, she appreciated her children for standing by her in her chosen work.

In a separate interview, Mrs Onokpite told that the organisers of the award saw her story and said she must be identified and added to the awardees.

Her children were on the ground to support her as she received the well-deserved recognition.


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