Oga Bello talks having new wife at age 69 and more in new interview (Read More)

I was raised in a Muslim home and we were taught three things: One,
to love, to be contented and to be very hard working. You must also
strive to endure any difficult situation, embrace people and above all,
love God. These are the things I have applied to my life and have worked
immensely for me in life.

There is something in the Quran which says
you have to seek knowledge, which I did. If I want to do something, my style is to do a thorough research about it before I take a final
decision on it. Another major point is that you have to be honest in whatever you do and don’t look down on anybody; no matter how small the
person could be.

With fifty years on the job and seeing your children taking after you, how do you feel about this?

The truth is that I have never prayed that any of my children should
take after me. My only responsibility to them as a father is to make
sure they are all educated. And, I thank God that I have been able to achieve that with the help of Allah.

My prayer is that they should be
successful in life but not as actors.

I am glad that they all give me so much joy today.

If you have the opportunity to change anything in your life today, what would that be?

I think it is even too late to change anything about my life. So, don’t let us talk about it. I am over sixty years old, what do I want to
change in my life at this stage? I can only ask God to help me manage
what I have; the good and bad sides of it. God designed my life the way
it is and I can’t complain about it. He has given me everything that
will make my life easy for me.

You have a big family, how do you manage to keep everybody under same roof?

It is God’s doing. I don’t know how to explain it to you other than to say I am grateful to Allah.

Is it true that you are planning to have another wife?

Where is that coming from? What do I need another wife for? I am over
sixty years old, I have wives at home and I am yet to get tired of them. I am not having another wife; I am not even thinking about it. I will be wicked if I ask God for another wife.

Are you tired of women?

I am not saying I am tired. I am only saying that I don’t want another wife. I don’t want anything else in life or on this job other than long life and to remain relevant on my job.


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