Osinachi Twin sister shocks everyone sings exactly like her at her burial in tears

We tried to save Osinachi, twin sister speaks at funeral
The late gospel singer OsinaOsinachi Twin sister shocks everyone sings exactly like her at her burial in tearschi Nwachukwu, who is alleged to have died from health complications arising from years of domestic violence, believed her husband Peter Nwachukwu would change, her twin sister Amarachi Ume said on Saturday.

Watch the video below;

Osinachi, who died on April 8 at the National Hospital, Abuja was buried at Amakpoke Umuaku Isuochi in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State.

“Osinachi Nwachukwu got hooked into marriage with Peter Nwachukwu, which was consummated on the 31st of August, 2008,” Ume said while reading Osinachi’s biography.

“The marriage was sheer manipulation. This denied her peace, joy, care, and almost the good things of life through the domestic maltreatment by the so-called husband, Mr Peter Nwachukwu.

“Her death occurred on the 8th of April, 2022, and is still under police investigation due to the alleged domestic violence against her by Peter Nwachukwu.

“Even before her death, all efforts were made to pull Osinachi out, but she believed that Peter would change”.

A 23-count charge against Mr Nwachukwu is currently before the FCT High Court.

A member of the House of Representatives Nkeiru Onyejeocha (Isukwuato/Umunnechi) presented to the family the certificate of incorporation of Osinachi’s foundation.

“Unfortunately, she had to pass through what she passed through before she died. She is God’s own daughter and now singing for the angels and for her family,” Onyejeocha said.

The lawmaker promised scholarships to Osinachi’s four children;


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