Reactions As Comic Actor, Sanyeri Share Pictures From A Movie Set On Instagram

When it comes to Yoruba Nollywood Comic Actors, Olaniyi Afonja popularly known by his stage name as Sanyeri is one of the most creative and gifted comedians in the industry. He took to his Facebook page to share amazing movie set costumes pictures. He is really looking like an old man with his plenty white beard.

Sanyeri is a Nigerian comedian, actor, film maker, producer, and director, who is well known for his comedic performances in Yoruba movies. He hails from Oyo town in Oyo State, Nigeria. Olaniyi Afonja has been very active in his acting career about 30 years ago, who was introduced into a theatre group by a friend.

Since then, he has produced, directed , and featured in several Yoruba movies like Oke Agba, Obakeye, Awero, Opa Kan, Apaadi, Sanyeri in London, Olu Omo, Mawe Ku, just to mention a few. He is very popular and one of the most talented comedians who knows how to act and interpret roles assigned to him by the producers and directors very well to the admiration of his large fans.

His outstanding acting talents, and ability to interpret roles and dedication to the acting career have brought him more riches and boosted his career. He is no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the movie Industry. Sanyeri has won several awards and nominations to his name such as Best Movie Produce of the Year, and Best Comedy Actor of the Year at Yoruba Movie Academy Awards and City People Entertainment Awards respectively. He is happily married to his beautiful wife, Hawawu Omolara and their union is blessed with adorable children.


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