See the heartwarming moment Femi Adebayo rushed to rescue one of his students on set

Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo showed an example of good Leadership as he rushed to rescue one of his students that pranked him with an epilepsy seizure.

In the video shared by Femi Adebayo, he was stand when he notice one of his student fell down, loss consciousness with symptoms of epilepsy.

While others aloof, Femi quickly rushed to him to rescue him but he later get to know it was a prank video.

In the video, most of this student are heard saying “I told you Oga won’t run away”.

Sharing the video Femi Adebayo encourage fans to be compassionate enough to their best even when the rest aloof.

He wrote:

encounters in LIFE may be for a TEST; Be compassionate enough to do your BEST even when the REST stand aloof!
Message: Slide 2👉🏻
Yesterday, I got pranked by my students on set of #ilealayo 😳 E shock me o!

Watch the video below:


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