“Spoil Your Child, And You Will Pay The Price” – Actress, Ebele Okaro

Ebele Okaro is a firm believer in moderation wThe Afolayans – The story of how Kunle, Aremu, Gabriel, Moji and Lola were able to continue the acting Legacy of their father and brother, Adeyemi “Adelove” Afolayanhen it comes to over pampering children. The popular Nollywood actress stated clearly in a recent Instagram post that there’s a price to pay if children are spoilt.

Many parents confuse showing their kids genuine love for spoiling them with money and other materialistic gifts.

Yes, we all want the best for our children but parents need to adopt money management when it comes to kids. There is usually problems when the means used to pamper the kids suddenly disappears – like loss of job or even d eath of the breadwinner.

When the child no longer sees the gifts, he/she could go into crime just to ensure that the good life continues. Again, pampering could lead to weakness in children having been so used to people doing everything for them.

In fact, kids need to start from an early age to survive the ups and downs of life.

Spoil your child, and you will pay the price….”


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