“Stop following my car No more spraying money when I pass” -Portable tell fans to hustle in video

Portable has disappointed his fans, especially those who like to run after his car when they sight him on the streets. The singer in a video angrily declared that he would bot be spraying money for fans from his car in his usual manner.

Portable first lamented that his car eventually gets damaged when fans run after it just to get money from him.

The singer made reference to the fact that his car has been impounded by the police because his signee accidentally killed someone who was carelessly running after his car.

He urged fans to go and hustle henceforth as they would not be getting a dime from him anymore and also revealed that he would start doing his giveaways for widows, granddmas and orphans instead.

“It’s now getting of hand people running after my car always when passing by. No more spraying of money cause it’s turning to something else . If I want show love I’ll rather go to the village and help those grandmas and kids that really need support.”


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