“Stop turning people against each other” Actress Kudirat Ogunro blows hot as she issues warning to her colleagues

Nollywood actress, movie producer and brand influencer Kudirat Ogunro, better known as Judy and Semilore, has issued a stern warning to her colleagues who are in the habit of turning people against each other.

Warning them, she told them to stop spoiling people’s names in other to make people think they are the best.

Kudi hurled curses at anyone who had lied about her or defamed her character.

“Stop turning people against each other, stop spoiling people’s name in other to make people think you are the best, stop smiling at people and say awful things behind them. Everybody talks about each other, so nobody is a saint but telling lies about someone to another shows your mother raised a Dog. If you’ve ever lied about me or defamed my character in any way and made people hate me for no reason whatsoever, may you never know peace and may you never find favor!!!”.

“And na Dem go first greet you and be asking stupid questions “see anja ni”. Na ur way but trust me.one day will be one day for you yes you”.

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