“The threats and hate is a lot in Nigeria” JJC Skillz’s babymama cries out over backlash

Mella, the babymama of former singer and movie director, Abdul Bello better known as JJC Skillzs has cried out over the threats and hatreds in Nigeria.

The mother of JJC Skillz’s second child asserted that she was only protecting her son.

Mella debunked claims that she was only seeking for fame by dragging the celebrity couple.

She made it known that she is from a family that is filled with fortune.

Mella recounted how she was left impressed when she visited Nigeria this year.

According to her, she met amazing people during the one week she spent in the country.

Mella promised to help a child or family to curb violence.

She wrote, “The threats and hate is a lot in Nigeria. I’m just a mother protecting her child. I’ve not asked for fame, nor do I care for it. My fortune is already my family. I spent a week in Nigeria this year and met some amazing people. The struggles are real and upsetting. If I can somehow help just one child or family them I would. Perhaps this could be the place to start with your support. Violence is never an answer in all aspects of life”.


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