Things young women should learn from Regina Daniels as she celebrates her 22nd Birthday Today

Regina Daniels has set a standard for a lot of young women who are interested in marriage and careers. Regina got married to Prince Ned Nwoko at a younger age and many people were concerned about the age difference between Ned and Regina. Many remarks made about her choice then fell on deaf ears as she moved on to marry Ned.

Getting married to Ned has revealed some outstanding qualities in Regina that young women should try and emulate from her. These qualities are:

  1. Career management: the challenge many career women face in their prime age is how to manage their careers and their homes. Some people end up giving up on one of them within a very short time, but Regina hasn’t just improved, she has equally expanded her career to business as well. Regina despite being married to a billionaire who can provide all she wants and even though she is young and has kids already is on about her career so much that she is always on a movie set and about her business. Managing a career and a home may seem difficult, but Regina in her intelligence despite her age makes these two things achievable.
  2. Comportment: Regina is one of the few women in the movie industry who comport themselves so well that they barely engage in media fights or bring up private matters on social media. Despite being a young mother, Regina manages her affairs with maturity and this keeps her away from some unnecessary dragging on the internet. This was seen when she had her second baby. Many people didn’t even know she was pregame until she had the baby. This may be her lifestyle, but if many women would learn to comport themselves and manage their homes and careers like Regina, it will produce more peaceful homes and individuals.

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