Those Attacking Celebrities For Endorsing Political Candidates Are Pretenders, Yemi Solade Says

During an interview with TVC Entertainment, a popular face in the Nollywood movie industry, Yemi Solade, has reacted to claims that celebrities who endorse political candidates are being bought.

Yemi Solade first made it clear that he was not a celebrity but a popular figure in the industry. He did not agree with those claims, but he said he and other celebrities have the right to their opinion and to endorse whom they want, as long as it is their opinion and choice, so they should not be attacked.

He said those speaking against their opinion also made their choice on the political candidates to support. He added that those attacking celebrities for endorsing political candidates are all pretenders because when they see these candidates in their areas within their vicinity, they troop all out to demand money, so when they are given the crumbs, they mortgage their lives for the next four years.

Watch the video below;


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