Toyin Lawani remembers mum who died of cancer on posthumous birthday

Fashion stylist Toyin Lawani has remembered her mum who died of cancer on the latter’s 60th posthumous birthday.

The businesswoman turned reality star paid a tribute to the deceased in an Instagram post on Tuesday, saying she has never seen any woman who is as industrious as her mum was.

She wrote: “Happy posthumous Birthday mom. You would have been 60 today. But you left us as early as 46. Yes, Guys cancer sucks, but you gotta be strong. You achieved so much in your little time on earth. Never still seen An industrious woman like you. You didn’t let being From A wealthy Home stop you from pursuing your dreams.

You taught me so much in little time and I can never forget how you built me strong. Sent me to various countries just to learn and perfect all my skills, you said a master that can’t do their craft by themselves is not a leader. This is why I can handle anything that comes my way like a piece of cake, I literally do all my creative process myself.

“Wish you were here to see how far I have gone in all my various businesses. Wish people knew you and how many businesses you ran like it was nothing, they will know the 33 businesses is small. I literally shadowed you from Age 9 and I’m reaping the fruits today.”

She continued: “our shoes are too big to fill but I know you will be extremely proud of me, seeing all the hard work I have done and how have Grown into the Business mogul you aspired. One thing I sure took from you is your no-nonsense attitude, selflessness and how you have the eyes to See stars even when they haven’t been actualized yet, Sleep on mom love you always.

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