Veteran Actress, Iya Awero Shares Adorable Pictures With Her Children And Grandchildren On IG

It is indeed a great joy and happiness of the parents to see their children and grandchildren doing wonderfully and fantastically well when they are still alive as Veteran Nollywood actress, Lanre Adesina Hassan also known by her stage name as Iya Awero took to her social media page to share adorable pictures with her children and grandchildren as they celebrated Eid Kabir together few days ago. They were seeing in the pictures in excited mood together.

Lanre Adesina Hassan popularly known as Iya Awero is a renowned Nigerian Award winning actress, film maker, producer, mother, grandmother, and brand influencer, who features in Yoruba and English language Nollywood movies. She has over 40 years of acting experience. She is one of the most popular, highly respected and talented veteran actors in the industry. She is well known for her roles such as Mother, Mother-in-law, Chief, Villager, Comedy, Housewife, and others.
Iya Awero is gifted, creative, versatile, and exceptionally good in acting and interpretation of roles give to her by the producers and directors in which she does very well. She can fit into any character in movies. Her unique way at delivery of roles is loved and cherished by her fans. Among her notable work like Okun Ife, Ori, Eto Ikoko, Ogo-Nla, and others. She has received several awards and nominations to her name.


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