VIDEO: My Marriage Failed Because of the Decision I Made As A Child –Blessing CEO Says

The popular Nigerian relationship expert and coach, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, also known as Blessing CEO has again shared a video on her Facebook page where she advises people on general life issues. In the video, she reveals that the decision she made to get married as a child was why her marriage failed and she shouldn’t be judged by that.

A lot of people have made mistakes in the past and therefore they dwell on that mistakes for a long time which might later affect their mental health. Blessing CEO has however advised those that fell into that category in her latest video on Facebook to move on with their life and do well for themselves.

However, she said a lot of people made decisions that later turned into a mistake when they were younger and naive. She said people should let the past go and focus on their current status.

She gave an example of herself when people criticize her for being divorced, that she can’t keep her marriage and therefore should not be a relationship coach. According to her words:

“I laugh at those saying such because I made those decisions when I was young, I got married at 18 years, I’m 33 now and you are judging me because of the decision I made when I was a child”.

She however advised that you should not regret your past and that circumstances made some people become single mothers or fathers. She said our mental health is important and that is what we should work towards and let go of the past.

Some of her fans made comments and applauded her for the piece of advice and also encourage her to keep giving out useful advice.


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